Why marketing isn't enough for your ICO?

ICO marketing is one of the best things that you can do for yourself as you plan to trade your token. The service that you get as the owner of an ICO helps you market yourself correctly, and it puts you out there where all the investors can see your tokens. You can make a lot of money in the process, but you need to be ready for all the money that will come back to you. Every ICO should do marketing. Those who forget to do their marketing will cause the death of their tokens on the open market.


One of the most common occurrences is when you post your tokens on an exchange, wait for bids, and people shy away. You must market and sell your tokens as actively as possible. They will die if you are marketing and selling because volume is the only thing that can keep your product alive. You are trusting that the market will be interested in your tokens, but they will never know about you unless you have marketed yourself well. The owners of the ICO need to use an online service to get help with marketing and selling.


You Need A Market Making ICO Plan


ICO marketing through Coinbase is the only way that you can cut back on fees, and you have to decide right now that you will make a change that will bring you the money you expected. Your ICO is the way that you can grow your value, and you cannot do that if you lose all your money in liquidity.


Liquidity of the market is critical to your success because it determines how much people are willing to spend. If your coin does not instantly succeed, people pull out as fast as they can. You are hurt by the liquidity of the market because people will simply invest in something else. You could start in a place that will not overcharge, that will protect you from the loss of value that often happens, and you can watch over your ICO and read up on the things that are most important.


Who Are The Market Makers?


You need to know how liquidity works because you probably only see the market from the perspective of the trader. The trader is the person who is going to invest in the market and possibly steal value from your coins. They are constantly pumping money into the market, but they could pull out of your coin, add value to another coin, or spread misinformation that steals value from your ICO. The market makers are the people who are indirectly choosing the value of the coins that you have posted. These people do not decree the value of your ICO, but they will do things that make your life more difficult.


They determine liquidity because they are trying to get the most coins at the lowest possible price. They are taking your value because they are constantly trading, and they will do this every day to steal more value. Your value might jump up some days, but it will generally drop because they are trying to extract their own value from your ICO without worrying about you. They are profiting from you, but you are not getting any of that money back. They are more than welcome to trade, but you need to be aware that they are stealing your value.


Immediacy also makes the market because that means that people can instantly make trades, spend their money, or make their money. You can make more money faster, and you can make your trades in a way that show you instant results. The problem is that other people can do the same thing, and they will get instant gratification while you lose value. You have to be aware of both the liquidity and the immediacy of the market when you are making these choices.


Who Are Market Takes?


Market takers are the people that take the most risks, and they will make money because they are willing to risk cash against the positions of other people on the market. They are the people that make the most money because they will go in and out of investments without any trouble. They will continue to do this without any regard for what you are making.


Who Are Market Makers?


Market makers are the people who are searching for the best possible price so that they can make money on the spread. They are not guessing or risking money. They pick the largest spread because they want a low buy price and a high sell price. This is how you would make money on anything, and they make the market because they go to the places where they will make the most money. Market makers are the people who will push you into a position where you are losing money because they might avoid your coins or take money out of them to get a better investment.


What Is The Spread?


The spread is the calculated difference between the buy and the sell price. The person who is investing their money in an ICO will find that they usually get very small spreads, and they need to be content with that. The same is true for you if you are watching people invest in your ICO. You need to know that people are constantly bringing volume to your ICO instead of only taking value out. If you are expecting your spreads to be much larger, you are sorely mistaken.


Market makers have to keep their volume up, and that is how they make the most money possible. However, you cannot be a market maker if you are trying to hit a home run with every one of your trades. The same is true with your ICO. You have to promise people the slow climb that will allow them to make consistent money. You have to be content with a slow rise to the top, and you need to remember that this does not come without risk. Most of the ICOs that are on the market today will dip here and there because the market is volatile.


Market makers have a lot of risk to deal with because they are hoping that there will always be an equal number of buyers and sellers. However, they cannot guarantee this. They are banking on the fact that there will be a lot of volume on the screen that can help certain assets rise for a good sale price. They are hoping to see something else get sold off so that it will have a much lower price. They cannot get this result every day, but they have to have hope that things will improve otherwise they cannot make money.


How Do Market Makers Lose Money?


Market makers lose money because they are caught in a situation where there is no enough volume for their assets. They are waiting around roe volume to rise, and they lose money when the volume does not come in to rise their assets to an acceptable sale price. They might not make any money that day, and they have to hope that the next day will have more volume.


Volume forces the price of an asset higher, and it allows the market maker to get all their money back. However, a panic sale on something could drop the price so much that the investor will lose their money. This is a daily risk, and the people who have concerns about their investments must be ready for certain problems to arise every day. They take these risks, and their risks could impact the value of your ICO.


How To Create Volume


The exchanges will create better chances for people to make money by reducing fees, and they will do so using something that feels like a contest or a promotion. They want more people to come in, and they want to drop their prices so low that they can get people back on the exchange. They are going to create volume for the people who are planning to make money, but that does not mean that you are going to make money off your coins. You are still not in control of the price of your coins, and that is where you need a different tactic.


The Capital Markets


What Is A Liquidity Trap?


The top tokens always have people trading on them, and that brings them enough volume that people can always make money on them. The ICOs will always be profitable because they have the volume, but there are all the other coins that are going to lose money specifically because they have no volume. That is something called a liquidity trap, and it is that trap that will cost people a lot of money when they are trying to make more money for their company or trying to make money from the ICO.


This is a fine balance between the markets and the people who post their ICOs. The markets want to make money, and the people who are trying to earn through their ICOs should make certain that they have chosen to use the markets that will help them grow their liquidity. Someone who gets this balance worked out can make the most money possible, and they can get out of the liquidity trap.


Why Do ICO Issuers Matter?


The issuers that are helping out need to know that they can make money from these coins, and the only way for them to do that is to be sure that they can get volume. They must spend a lot of money just to get the coins listed, and they need to get that money back. Getting the money back is much simpler if they know the coins will be popular, and that also means that the people who are listing the coins need to be committed to marketing. Marketing can save these people money, and they will find that they can build volume by marketing the attributes of their ICO. A lack of marketing will kill a product, and that makes it hard for the person who issues the ICO to have any confidence in the IC going forward.


Investors want to know that they can get much of their money back, and they will avoid anything that lacks liquidity. They will be scared of something that has a large margin because they think that they cannot make enough money back. They know that they must spend money on initiating the trades, and they only get so much back in return. They will avoid your coins like the plague until they see the margins come closer. They can make many quick trades, and they will be much more excited by the prospects of trading on your coins possibly every day. If you are seeing a drop in liquidity for your coins, you need to get that number back up as soon as possible.


How Do You Fix Your Liqudity Problems?

There are a few solutions that can be used to make a liquidity trap go away are listed below. The markets need to implement these strategies, and there are others that might be used by the person who is issuing the ICO. You must be aware of what can be done to help you make money from your coins, and you could even ask the people who run the listing service to help out because you are seeing the liquidity trap appear almost out of nowhere.


Exchanges Can Make Listing Easier


Exchanges might need to make the listing process easier so that you can anyone else can become a part of the site. You should not spend months of your life trying to get a listing together, and you cannot afford to wait for days and days to get a response from the service that will list you. You must know what you are getting into, and you must not pay so much to even list yourself. You are taking a great risk just going to the market, and you must find the exchange that works with you.


People who come to the market with some market makers already interested in them tend to do better because the listing service knows that they can start to make their money back. This is one of the simpler things that you can do to get yourself ready, and you can prove to the listing service that you are worth their time. Have a presentation ready, and show how much liquidity you can bring to the site.


More Liquidity


All the investors that are new to a site are drawn there because the liqudity is so high. They want to come to a place that they believe can make them the most money, and they are counting on a coin like yours to make that happen. You are producing a much better margin for everyone, and the listing service will start featuring you because you have shown them that you can make them more money every day.


Keep the market tight on your listing so that everyone can make money. You will find that these people get excited when they notice that you can give them better results, and you should try to keep your margin as narrow as possible so that all investors will be talking about your investment vehicle.


You are bringing more people to the site because you have built in all the liquidity that you could find, and you will continue to make the site money because you have taken the right steps. You must also keep in mind that some liquidity will make more liquidity for others. A rising tide lifts all ships, and that benefits everyone who will then come and invest in your coins more.


Making More Liquidity


The number of investors will grow over time, and you will see the amount of money spent on the site grow every day. This also means that more money will be spent on your listing specifically. You have to think this through because it is usually the only way that you are going to make money. You have to stir up a storm of interest instead of expecting people to just find you. You cannot expect investors to behave just because you did things right. You have to constantly market yourself so that liquidity is always high.


You do not need to market yourself forever. You only need to market yourself long enough to get your liquidity so high that you will always make more money. Now you can move on to a new listing, and you could repeat the process as much as you want.


Volume Investors Must Have Confidence In You


You can build volume to make your ICO as appealing as possible, but you must also have the confidence of other investors. You must be sure that you have chosen to use your influence to get people to share your listing. The listing that you make should be used to talk about marketing strategy online, and part of your marketing program should be convincing people to share your listing with others. Their confidence will drive volume, and you will feel so much better because of it.


Market Making ICO


You have to start with a professional market maker who will work with you to build confidence in the brand that you are pistching to the listing service. You must work hard on your marketing to keep the liquidity up, and you must also have a look at all the little things that need to go right including your margin. Your marketing should be married with a lot of extra work that you have done on keeping the margin as marrow as possible. You must be the most popular listing on the site you have chosen, and you should choose a listing service that will knot charge too much just to get you on the site. You have to plan to save money, to save yourself some time, and to avoid losing money because people are not interested. That first market maker makes a difference, and the rest is all in the marketing of your ICO.